Best Dog Friendly Spots

Waverly Colville
August 11, 2023

When I adopted my dog named Tati with intense separation anxiety a few months ago, my partner and I quickly discovered that leaving her home alone was not an option. So, we had to figure out ways to make our city adventures dog-friendly. It opened up a whole new side of New York to us, as we ventured around Brooklyn with a new lens to find fun places to eat and things to do. 

Here’s some of our favorite dog-friendly spots in Brooklyn

Boris and Horton

Williamsburg & East Village

For: giving your dog socialization and play time while you enjoy a refreshing drink and light lunch. Dogs roam free, people are friendly, and there’s even a little shop where you can buy treats, toys, and poop bags. It’s remote-work friendly, and you’ll see lots of dog owners with their laptops while their dogs are playing. 

Photo credit: Waverly Colville

Sey Coffee


For: grabbing a coffee. While dogs aren’t allowed off-leash here, Sey is a very welcoming place for dogs while you grab a latte or a croissant and catch up on a good book. 

Photo credit: Waverly Colville

Lucky Dog


For: dive bar vibes, shuffleboard, a chill back patio filled with several dogs at any given time, and amazing prices for an expensive neighborhood. Cheap beer and goodbois (and girls)--what more could you want?

Photo credit: @loulongbody on Instagram

Oak & Iron


For: grabbing a beer outside and catching up with friends (or other dogs!). It’s got the charm of any great dive bar in Brooklyn–low lighting and low prices. 

Photo credit: Oak & Iron


East Williamsburg

For: Delicious, up-scale Italian food with a romantic and intimate backyard that allows dogs on leashes. You won’t have to worry about compromising on quality or bringing your fur child here. The food is rich and delicious, and you may see another dog there or two!

Photo credit: Waverly Colville

The Red Hook Winery

Red Hook

For: wining and dining yourself with your dog, who is allowed inside and outside the tasting rooms. Try a glass or a flight of different wines (humans only, we’re still waiting until dog wine is invented). 

Photo credit: The Red Hook Winery

Wild East Brewing


For: delicious craft beers in a sunny, welcoming brewery. It’s a great place for groups to get together and for your pup to meet the others there. 

Photo credit: Waverly Colville

Industry City

Sunset Park

For: humans who want to shop, eat, and explore with their dog. Dogs are allowed inside and outside as long as they’re on a leash. You can spend hours there exploring all the quirky stores or trying different food stands and still not cover everything. There’s also a ton of outdoor dining, ice skating in the winter, and events happening in the summer. 

Photo credit: @industrycity on Instagram

Sally Roots


For: delicious Caribbean fused with American barbeque food that’s dog-friendly in both their enchanting backyard and their cozy, welcoming indoor restaurant and bar. 

Photo credit: Waverly Colville



Waverly is a writer and producer living in Brooklyn. She is currently a multimedia producer at The New Yorker, and her work has appeared on HBO, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, and more. Her dog, Tati, is a maltese-poodle mix who loves bananas, long walks, and dirty socks. In her free time, she loves hanging out with her dog (obviously), planning her next scuba diving or ski trip, karate (she’s a brown belt), and traveling.