Best Gluten-Free Bites in NYC

Andrew Hyatt
February 16, 2024

I’ve spent days researching, reflecting, and making sure that this list truly captures some of my favorite places in the city that offer GF options (or are completely gluten-free). Celiacs beware (I can’t guarantee these are 100% GF kitchens), but stop by these places for some good food & experiences!

Best Italian


West Village

For the best completely GF menu of cozy Italian food.

Best Bakeries


Upper East Side

For their beautiful and tasty cookies, cakes, tarts, and any other baked good you crave!

By the Way Bakery

Upper East Side & Upper West Side

For their Gluten-Free, Kosher, and Non-dairy takes on American classic baked goods!

Best Risotto

Risotteria Melotti

Lower East Side

For the perfect bowl of risotto for those cold winter evenings.

Best Chinese

Lilli and Loo

Midtown East

For by far for the best Chinese food I’ve ever been able to find that’s GF (my go-to is the orange chicken!)

Best Dessert

Ci Siamo

Hudson Yards

For the best restaurant in NYC and the best homemade espresso stracciatella.

Best Sushi


Multiple locations across Manhattan

For the best handmade (right in front of you) sushi rolls and soy sauce.

Best Pizza

Sotto La Luna

Long Island City/Astoria

For the best, fluffiest, and tastiest pizza and a delicious glass of wine!

Best Bagels

Finn’s Bagels

Hudson Yards / Hell’s Kitchen

For the tastiest bagels and the incredibly diverse mix of spreads (bacon scallion is my favorite!)

Best Chicken Tenders

Naked Bird

Delivery Only

For the perfect crispy chicken tenders that you miss so dearly from childhood.



I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and always knew that I wanted to live somewhere else and experience more than just suburbia. After going to school in Savannah, GA, I ended up in the last place I ever thought I would…New York. As an interior designer, history enthusiast, and avid (by no choice of my own) gluten-free eater, I’ve loved everything this city has to offer, including its incredible gluten-free restaurants and bakeries!