Best Magazine and Art Book Stores

Madeline Montoya
June 14, 2024

New York is full of bookshops and has a great public library (sign here to prevent budget cuts!!!), but as a graphic designer in print and editorial, my favorite kind of bookshop is one that is magazine abundant or has avant-garde art books. Below is my working list of places worth checking out - ranging from chains, to cafes, to bodegas…here's where to get your magazine + art book fix. 


Casa Magazines • West Village

Probably the gold standard of magazine shopping, Casa Magazines has almost every mag you could ever think of. If you’re wanting to get into the world of magazines, go here. The owners are super passionate about keeping print alive, and even have merch now to show off your fandom. 

Iconic Magazines • Nolita

Casa Magazines owner, Mohammed Ahmed, recently decided it was time for him to retire. And who did he trust to take over? The owner of Iconic Magazines. This place is similar to Casa, but is more of a classic bodega. Head to the back part of their store though and they have a giant magazine collection. Head to their main Mulberry location for the best selection 

Soho News International • Soho

Our last bodega shop of the bunch. Take a 15 minute walk from Iconic to Soho news for another magazine fix. The walk will take you through soho for a nice shopping tour passing through the more commercial areas (I’ve done this walk many times) and will plop you at the southern tip of the west village. You’re also near the new Mcnally Jackson soho location (spoiler alert: this isn’t my favorite Mcnally location for magazines).

Fine Art Books

Mast Books • East Village

A well-lit staple of the East Village is Mast Books. Stop in here for a mix of contemporary publications and books but also a look at their rare book section. This place is highly curated, so I find myself stopping in here to pick up the latest issue of magazines I know and love (like Apartamento), but also to see new cool books from indie publishers. They also have one of my favorite tote designs when it comes to bookstores. 

Karma Books • East Village

Photo by Emily Andrews

A three minute walk from Mast is Karma, the gallery space, bookshop, and publisher. They carry a lot of their own published books, but also carry artworks and other titles worth checking out.

Printed Matter • Chelsea

Photo by Megan Mack

As Casa is the gold standard for magazines, Printed Matter is the gold standard for artists books and publications. They recently unveiled their new primary location on 11th ave, and host a giant book fair in NYC and LA every year. I guarantee you’ll find a new publisher, artist, or book you love when visiting. Their website is a great resource too, featuring an extensive catalog of their collection as well as tons of free downloads of books. 

Dashwood Books • Bowery/Noho

If photography books are your main interest, I’d recommend going to Dashwood. Their main focus is contemporary photography in particular, but also have a wide range of magazines and other types of art books. They had some books I had never had the chance to see in person, like this issue of The Gentlewoman but printed to be the size of a palm.

Pre-loved Books

Aeon • Chinatown

A more recent addition to NYC’s art book shops, Aeon opened in 2018. It’s another great place filled with new and used titles. They also buy books and records, if you ever want to give some used books a great new home.

Topos • Bushwick & Ridgewood (Topos Too)

Another coffee shop + used bookstore! Cop a great find like vintage Toilet Paper Mag while enjoying a coffee, or walk 8 minute to their newer location, Topos Too, to see their selection of new books and enjoy a beer, since this location serves booze.

Spoonbill • Williamsburg

When I lived in Williamsburg stopping in here when I was on Bedford was a non-negotiable. Their collection of magazines is impressive, but their collection of books on art and culture is even more so. Bedford ave has become really commercial, but this great local mag/bookshop really cuts through the noise. Come here to get your favorite magazines latest issue or check out a new cool artist monograph.

Vibey Book Stores

Head Hi • Navy Yard

I live in Clinton Hill now, and I admit I’m a little starved for a good art bookshop around here! I’d say the closest is Head Hi. The shop was established in 2018 and then moved to a larger place in 2022, where you can get a coffee or tea, browse their collection, and attend events they put on regularly. If you’re wanting to get more into the editorial/art book space, Head Hi hosts magazine and book launch parties, book clubs, and art shows all the time. I also must say its drink collection is great, carrying cool teas and soda brand LIMO. 

Usagi • DUMBO

I admit I found this place on accident! I was shopping with my boyfriend and checking out the usual Dumbo spots we frequent like Front General store, and stumbled into this cafe/bookshop wanting a coffee. I was stunned by their great book collection, carrying great artist books like Karl Martens. They also have a shop and tons of events too, so its worth giving them a follow to see if anything pops up you’d be interested in!

Honorable mentions:

Bungee Space • Bowery

Do Not Feed Alligators • West Village

The New Musuem Bookshop • Bowery



Madeline Montoya is a New York City based designer and art director. She is currently an Art Director at Bloomberg Businessweek, and the Creative Director of Byline