Best of the 200th Newsletter Party

Coolstuff Team
January 26, 2024

Last week, we joined paid subscribers, cool friends, and longtime supporters to celebrate TWO HUNDRED editions of That’s right, this little newsletter which has grown from 14 to 14k had a long-overdue birthday party at Salon 21 in Soho.

We’re so grateful to everyone who came out to show us love, and to all of the even sponsors who made this thing happen. Keep reading on for a fun recap of a perfect night...

All photos by Cheri Roohi

The Party Favors

We felt like it was high-time to bring the newsletter out of the inbox and into the world, and for our 200th edition we had the concept of designing a physical newspaper, which was printed by our friends at Newspaper Club. We've always used A LOT of color in our brand, and pairing a salmon pink newsprint with bright digital printing helped to make the digital to physical transition feel very natural within the look and feel of

The newspaper included a handful of interviews from a series we run in the newsletter, a large map with a guide to the best thrift stores in the Gramercy Park neighborhood of Manhattan, and our 30 Best Restaurants in NYC.

At the event there were also matchbooks, buttons, cocktail napkins, and most exciting of all custom coolstuff chocolate bars from Tony’s Chocolonely!!!

The Fun

Throughout the night everyone had an absolute blast. Over the stereo, we had a fantastic playlist made by Holly Carter which you can listen to here to get the vibes.

As guests worked their way through the space there was a fun surprise: illustrator and cool friend Rebecca Schneider was doing custom portrait illustrations inside of Papier notebooks. 

And of course, there was plenty of conversation to be had! We were so happy to see mixes of readers and cool friends mingling all night long – especially on Salon 21's midcentury conversation couch! As people talked to friends old and new, the air was scented with the official fragrance: Keap Candle's Wood Cabin (we had this burning on our first date and at our wedding, so it had to be here.)

The Noshes

It’s not really a party without something to sip or snack on, and we were fully prepared on both fronts! 

Famed New York City Bakery, Orwashers, sent over a metric TON of classic NYC cookies – from Rugelach to Chocolate chip. The crowd favorite was easily their mini Black & White’s which were completely gone by the end of the night despite having more than one B&W for each guest. How’s that for an endorsement? 

We had savory bites from Sereneco in Greenpoint – their focaccia is legendary, and they paired it alongside a whipped ricotta for the party. The smell of the rosemary from the savory snack table made it a hot spot for mingling.

For drinks, we pulled out all the stops thanks to our friends at Djuce Wines, Talea, and Sanzo! The Meinklang orange canned by Djuce was a huge hit, as was Sanzo’s Yuzu sparkling water, and Talea’s collaborative sour with Dante, “Fluffy.”


Lastly, there is no way that this amazing event would have happened without the gracious support from each of our sponsors.