Adam Keita

Coolstuff Team
November 3, 2023

Meet Adam, co-owner of the Crown Heights cafe & wine bar, Daughter. His passion for the all-day cafe - coffee by day and wine bar by night - shines through in his spot that does just that in Brooklyn. Good coffee, small plates & natural wine shine at Daughter with a focus on all things local. We caught up with Adam to hear what inspires his cafe and how growing up in the city urges him to keep things local.

How did you start your community-driven cafe and wine bar in Crown Heights, Daughter?

I've always known I wanted to open a cafe, from my first food industry job at Haagen-Dazs, back in 2012. Community is something that’s always been in my blood. In 2019, it became more of a calling during a trip to Berlin, seeing just how locals really feed the space. That calling led into 2020 during the pandemic, where the calling for community became a fire, and my co-founders Sarah, Brian, and I just answered and put all our hearts into getting Daughter open, with the help of our community via Kickstarter. 

What about growing up in NYC urges you to emphasize the importance of keeping things local?

These are my people, every last one of them, from the ones who’ve been here forever, to the brand new inhabitants. Growing up I learned to take everyone in, but especially your neighbors--those are the people that will see you and receive you in all your forms if you let them. Daughter is a strange organism but I’m happy to see all walks of life taking steps into the space.

Where did you first get inspired by the all-day cafe - coffee by day and wine bar by night?

All Day Miami! The concept is so cool and I’ll admit they looked the best doing it, but it’s a challenging concept. People struggle to see the duality of an all-day cafe--it really isn’t a concept in the states, but there is a movement happening slowly. 

What’s your favorite place in NYC?

My favorite place is ROKC up in Harlem, truly the best ramen and the energy is just so awesome. 

What’s your favorite part of the New York creative community?

The fact that it’s alive and is ever-changing, a child growing at all times.

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