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March 22, 2024

Meet Alex, the gallerist and community-builder behind SoHo’s Salon 21. Coming from a background working at major galleries and auction houses, Alex created Salon 21 as a new kind of third space that blends art with interior design, conversation, and experiences. One of our favorite things about Salon 21? Alex’s heavy focus on highlighting new talent like Cool Friends Carly Beck and Alex Leav.

The 200th newsletter party at Salon 21

What led you to opening your fine art and interior design studio?

I opened the physical space of Salon 21 to fill a void in the social experiences available to New Yorkers interested in arts and culture and wanting access to new talent. Salon 21 offers a next-gen way of thinking about art collecting and interior curating, showcasing fine art and design in an apartment-like setting rather than your typical white-cube style gallery.

Tell us about the mission of Salon 21!

Our mission is to give new talent a platform to not only exhibit and sell their work, but create a dialogue around it. Salon 21 aims to create a community in NYC (and hopefully other cities in the future) of emerging artists and new collectors.

What’s the best part about the New York creative community? 

Meeting people is my favorite part! Our Salon 21 events allow me to meet so many incredible New Yorkers across industries. This is exactly why we launched our new Salon 21 Socials, to encourage others to have this opportunity to meet as well in a non intimidating way.

Are there any upcoming Salon 21 events you're excited for?

Our new Socials series is definitely what I'm most excited for. In particular, the two below:

Salon 21 Socials Presents: Sourdough with Create Dinners & Artist Kate Mary on April 10th

Salon 21 Socials Presents: Emerging Connections with Artishouse on April 18th

You can also check out our events calendar for a full list of upcoming events.

Do you have a favorite artist right now?

I'm really excited to show Kate Mary's artwork again at Salon 21 beginning Tuesday, April 9th. We had her work in our inaugural group exhibition and people loved her use of pastel and en plein air style painting.

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