Anna Maria Lopez

Coolstuff Team
August 11, 2023

Meet Anna Maria Lopez, a Brooklyn-based photographer who does it all! From movie posters to documentary portraits, her style is both nostalgic and modern and one of our favorites. Most recently Anna Maria stopped by our Cool Friends Market to capture a ton of F U N!

Jackie of Alero Coffee and Tembe of Sundays Only at the Cool Friends Market

What led you to start your career as a photographer?

I initially got my start through music - in my late teens all I wanted was to go on tour with a band and feel like I was part of a community that brought inspiration into people's lives. Music photography isn’t the focus of my work now but it’s what sparked my journey into photography. Now, I would consider myself a documentary environmental portrait photographer. I focus on food/ culture, Key Art for film and Tv. As well as doc style family and kid portraiture. 

Do you have a favorite photo you've taken?

Yes! I just recently photographed the cover art for “Still” a documentary about Michael J Fox on Apple TV+. It was such an honor to be apart of such a beautiful, culturally important film. 

What’s your favorite part about the New York creative community? 

I’ve had the privilege of spending time in many places across the continental US. I’m originally from Missouri, went to school in Montana, and after school I lived in LA for a few years. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out where home is for me.

As intimidating and lonely as New York may seem- at its core people are dreamers, searching for genuine relationships. I believe that New York has a little dose of everything for everyone, and it’s an ideal setting to follow the path you’ve set for yourself.

What’s your favorite place in NYC?

If I’m being honest, my home in Bedstuy or a friends’ home. I love to stay in and make a cozy meal with a friend. But, if I’m leaving the house I love a bike ride to Sunny’s in Red hook. Maybe pick up a sandwich from Defontes along the way and lay in the grass at Pier 41 with my spastic dog, Duckie. 

Squids Ceramics at the Cool Friends Market

What’s inspiring you right now? 

Catharsis- I love a good cry. Any emotional “coming of age” film, such as Aftersun. Highly recommend letting that film absolutely wreck you. 

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