Brit Matheson

Coolstuff Team
August 18, 2023

Meet Brit, co-founder of the popular Greenpoint-based salad shop, Edens. Eden’s has been nourishing the Greenpoint neighborhood with its pop-up from Brooklyn Safehouse on Franklin Ave since Summer 2021, and has quickly grown to serving 100+ salads per day. We caught up with Brit to hear the backstory of Eden’s brilliant business model of renting out bar kitchens during daytime hours.

What led you to open your Greenpoint-based salad shop, Eden's?

My co-founder, Arya Seghatoleslami, approached me about doing something regarding the lack of healthy fast casual options in our neighborhood (greenpoint) so we decided to open one ourselves! 

How did you come up with your business model of renting out bar kitchens during daytime hours?

It was completely random but we wanted to test our concept before we committed to a lot of overhead/buildout expenses and we came up with the idea to use bars that were typically closed during lunch hours but had kitchens. We called Tony Petillo of Brooklyn Safehouse and he had a kitchen (formerly rented by Taqueria Ramirez) that was the perfect size and available to rent! The rest is history :) 

What’s your favorite part about the New York creative community? 

How diverse and fun it is!! I love how working at Eden’s I get to rub shoulders with sticker company owners, famous painters, morning dance party founders and the likes! Most of the bartenders and regulars at Brooklyn Safehouse are artists as well and are constantly bringing that energy to the space.

What’s your favorite place in NYC?

I love Mcgolrick Park, especially in the fall walking under the tall trees, grabbing a coffee at Variety. It doesn’t feel like anywhere else in Brooklyn and gives off that neighborhood feel I love about Greenpoint.

What’s inspiring you right now? 

Not to sound cliche but the humans of New York are inspiring me! Our customers and the way they make eye contact and ask how business is going. Taxi drivers offering a friendly face and helping hand, people making room on the subway, the old people who are still here grinding it out, all of the podcasts, Instagram accounts and newsletters out there looking to connect New Yorkers to each other. There’s such a humanity to this city and I’m constantly finding myself being disenchanted then re-enchanted by it.

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