Carly Beck

Coolstuff Team
February 2, 2024

Meet Carly, an artist based in NYC who creates playful, vibrant (often animal-focused) paintings. Carly’s work has not only taken the form of one-of-a-kind paintings, but has also been translated into puzzles, children’s books, and a wallpaper series for the Carlyle Hotel. Her work is inspired by vintage textiles, past and present fashion collections, and, “the daydreams of domesticated creatures.”

Left: Bergdorfs, Right: Owl on Canvas (now owned by!)

How did you begin your career as a fine artist?

I started my career working in fashion. Working for other designers and eventually starting my own handbag collection. From there my love for textiles, trims and patterns easily translated to the little worlds I create on canvas.

Tell us about your work with the Carlyle Hotel!

I did the artwork for The Carlyle’s 2022 calendar.  I created three wallpaper patterns based off the calendar. Gallery Room Floral (a deconstructed floral inspired by The Gallery Room), Martini (dirty and with a twist) and the UES print (using the characters from the calendar following their journey from check in to exploring the iconic hotel). The wallpaper is made in collaboration with The Carlyle and WALLSHOPPE. The wallpaper can be viewed here as well as a gift wrap collection featuring the prints.

What’s your favorite part about the New York creative community?

I love having access to so many facets of the creative community. I particularly love seeing Broadway musicals and plays, going to The Met, and supporting my friends who are doing creative things.

How did your work in the fashion world inform your painting style?

My work in fashion has helped me to put together collections with my paintings. Creating reoccurring  themes revolving around New York City establishments. I love walking around and seeing what people are wearing at restaurants, museum, going to work, etc. and putting those fashions on pets in my paintings.

Do you have a favorite artist (past or present)?

My favorite artist is Gustav Klimt. I love his use of color and patterns.

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