Clare Byrne

Coolstuff Team
September 15, 2023

Meet Clare, fashion stylist & co-founder of woman + LGBTQ-owned, Suncliffe Gin. Clare balances her work between consulting and styling in the NY fashion world, and developing her startup gin brand. We caught up with Clare to hear more about the mission behind the Arizona-based brand and how the wild-forged botanicals in Suncliffe make it so unique.

What led you to your career as a fashion stylist in NYC?

I was working as a stylist assistant at an independent magazine in Australia, and most of the shoots were happening in NYC. Preparing shoots from a distance was challenging, and I wanted to be on set, so I decided to make the move. I now work as a freelance stylist and Fashion Director of The Travel Almanac - as well as with my Arizona based partners, Tom & Ryan, on Suncliffe Gin.


Tell us about the unique ingredients that make your gin brand, Suncliffe, so distinctive.

Suncliffe contains three species of native juniper: shaggy, one-seed, and alligator. Juniper is the foundation of gin, and although it grows in the US, most brands import it from overseas. The abundance of native juniper in Sedona inspired Suncliffe. Our other wild-foraged botanicals include western elderflower, ponderosa pine bark, and manzanita berries. We had the FDA approve the last two for use in food and beverage, making Suncliffe truly unique in its terroir focused botanical selection.

How did you decide to collaborate with local artisans to create Suncliffe's merchandise and support the Navajo Water Project?

We aim for Suncliffe to give back to local communities. During discussions with the Navajo Water Project, we developed the idea of raising funds by selling locally produced merchandise. Leather coasters handcrafted in Tucson were among our first collaborations, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to NWP.

What's your favorite place in NYC?

I don't like to pick favorites because we're spoiled for choice when it comes to amazing restaurants in NYC. However, one that I particularly love and frequently visit is Colonia Verde, a Latin American restaurant located in Fort Greene. If you happen to go there, I recommend trying a Suncliffe cocktail!

What's currently inspiring you?

I find myself most inspired when I travel, by people and experiences.

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