Gabriela & Mia

Coolstuff Team
October 13, 2023

Meet Gabriela & Mia, co-founders of Doce Mezcal. Both had a desire to create and enjoy a more elevated drinking ritual made with clean ingredients & a refined taste. While creating Doce Mezcal with intention and a holistic brand ethos, they partnered with a third-generation, family-owned distillery in Oaxaca, Mexico, also under female leadership. We chatted with Gabriela & Mia to hear about how the NYC-based Mezcal brand got its start and how their visual brand identity reflects Doce Mezcal’s spirit.

How did you start your NYC-based Mezcal brand, Doce Mezcal?

Gabriela: The idea came to us in 2019 and we brought Doce Mezcal to market in Summer 2022. We founded Doce in partnership with a third-generation, family-owned distillery, who shared our same vision of wanting to hold ourselves (and our drinks) to a higher standard while forming a deeper connection with the spirits we enjoy. We wanted to create a recipe that was of the highest quality, and was both authentic yet approachable while building a brand identity that led consumers to a more elevated drinking ritual. From the first pour to the last sip, Doce Mezcal will exceed your usual drinking expectations and show you that thoughtful spirits have a place on your bar cart.

Mia: NYC is all about moments, and Doce Mezcal had its moment when our diverse backgrounds, life experiences, and shared desire for balance brought us together in our late 20s during long conversations over HH. We noticed a gap in the market for quality and modern spirits, especially catering to women. So, we decided it was high time to blend our expertise and create a mezcal that spoke to us– an authentic, meaningful experience beyond just a bottle. We all shared a passion for mezcal and the mission to make it more accessible to everyone. That’s when Doce was born. We decided to create our own mezcal brand, one rooted in connection and community through conscious consumption.

What was the inspiration behind the design of the packaging of Doce?

Gabriela: Doce Mezcal’s visuals reflect the vibrancy of Mexico paired with our previous professional backgrounds and personal affinity for fashion and style. Color can be found all over Mexico– the vibrancy within the region’s flora, the street art, and the stunning visuals across the country is what made us want to incorporate color into our packaging. The pathway pattern is inspired by an Aztec calendar where every day at 12am & 12pm, you reach your highest self. We like to say, on a scale of 1-10, it’s a Doce! 

Mia: As an emerging brand, we wanted to focus on the details when it came to our design and packaging. While having a visually-stimulating product was important to us, we also really wanted to incorporate an eco-friendly component to our bottle. We wanted to make small changes that would have a larger impact as we grew, so we decided to create our bottles using recyclable and reusable materials. This means that every part of Doce Mezcal– from the cap to its paper, to the bottle, is environmentally conscious.

What’s your favorite part about the New York creative community? 

Gabriela: I love the collaboration & support system. Everyone in New York is following a dream, and being able to collaborate with like-minded brands is such an amazing way to work together to make our dreams a reality. We’ve been so lucky to work with some incredible people across art, fashion, beauty, tech, and more, in just one year! This city is a melting pot for some of the best industries and we love that everyone is so open to supporting each other. 

Mia: I absolutely love how everyone has this unwavering energy to create, work hard, and so authentically pursue one's passions. We're really fortunate to live in a city where diverse communities intertwine, especially the blend of creative and hospitality, which offers opportunities for authentic collaborations. It's a place where saying "yes" and engaging in conversations can lead to unexpected opportunities and relationships.

Doce Espresso Martini & the Doce Tini...YES!

What’s your favorite place in NYC? 

Gabriela: Anywhere with Doce! I love BONDST Sushi in Soho– not only is it an NYC institution, but the team is amazing and it’s the best place to start the night. When I’m not in nightlife mode, I love taking walks around my neighborhood near Fort Tryon Park– the views of the George Washington Bridge are Immaculate and the flowers are incredible during the spring and fall.

Mia: Anywhere I can sip Doce (extra points if they're pet-friendly, allowing my dog to join!). Every restaurant we collaborate with feels like an extended family, offering a space for deep conversations, sharing personal stories, or simply reveling in the absurdities and hurdles of life in this weird & special city. Whether it's late nights dancing at 19 Cleveland, indulgent evenings with friends over martinis at Holiday Bar, or retreating to the garden rooftop at Llama Inn feasting on their Peruvian tasting menu, these are all cherished experiences. Then there's my second home at my best friend's spa in Tribeca– Glo Spa NY (iykyk). Enjoy a sip of Doce as the perfect teaser before a facial or laser session, then leave looking + feeling 5 years younger.

What’s inspiring you right now? 

Gabriela: Other Industries, specifically fashion and interiors. Both spirits and hospitality are so multifaceted, and they come to life in many different settings. Taking cues from other visually led industries has given us brand & community building inspiration, as well as creative cues for web design, merch, activation ideas, and more.

Mia: Currently, the remarkable journey of my sibling, who is the incredible artist known as Female Pentimento. Witnessing their artwork and sonic poems showcased and celebrated worldwide is awe-inspiring, as it allows me to witness their profound spiritual evolution through their art. What truly touches me is the beautiful community they are nurturing, one built on kindness and hope, all while highlighting ecological issues. It's almost surreal to fathom we once shared a womb because they are, without a doubt, nothing short of intangible perfection.

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