Jessica Li

Coolstuff Team
May 17, 2024

Meet Jessica, the founder and curator of renewfinds: a highly-curated vintage furniture store in Greenpoint. With renewfinds, Jess brings together her background in interior design with her loving eye for curation and makes it all available to design lovers like you and me.

What led you to start your vintage resale shop, renewfinds? (we're currently rebranding and going to make it more consistent with our brand name as one word moving forward) 

Launching our brand, renewfinds, with my partner was completely unexpected. During the middle of the pandemic Leo and I stumbled upon some old chairs at an auction for $5, decided to photograph them in our driveway, created an instagram account, and posted about them. Now, we're showcasing other amazing vintage discoveries in our 3600 sq ft showroom. 

Having spent four years at a corporate architectural firm, I realized that a traditional 9-5 job wasn't going to be fulfilling in the long term. I often mused about opening a quiet vintage shop, and fostering a close-knit community. Well, here we are, making it happen. 

Tell us what it's been like to have the new physical storefront in Greenpoint after almost 3 years in your loft space! 

It's been fantastic! Since opening our new ground-level showroom, moving furniture has been effortless. Now, customers can easily locate us, and we're connecting with new people through walk-ins who hadn't previously heard about our brand.

Having our own space has also attracted more brand partnerships and collaborations, which we're thrilled about. The summer of 2024 is shaping up to be busy with numerous pop-ups and community events, so we're excited to explore various ways to utilize the space. 

What's the best part about the New York Creative Community?

There has always been a sense of camaraderie among the NYC Creative Community, and we all thrive when supporting each other. Since there are so many different creative individuals in this big City, you get to see lots of cool partnerships and projects happening all the time.

Can you share with us what you look for when you're sourcing vintage for renewfinds? 

We aim for every item we bring into the shop to be distinct and come with its own story. We regularly visit estate sales, auctions, and work with dealers to acquire new gems, and want to ensure that each piece has a unique origin narrative. This adds personality and character to the piece, and we can share that with their new owners. 

Are there any new favorite items in the shop? 

The Tangliabue Rolltop Desk from the 1970s is our new favorite child. We've never seen something so cool and unique before. People would come in and be completely in awe with how sleek it is. The functionality, pristine condition, and overall look is a conversation started on its own. 

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