Nir Sarig

Coolstuff Team
April 5, 2024

The chef behind ETI who in addition to pop-up dinners has collaborated with the likes of Nordstrom and Still Here. We caught up with Nir to hear how his life as a cook began, evolved, and flourished. Questions guest edited by Gabrielle of The Relisher

What sparked your culinary journey in NYC?

I actually came here and didn’t really plan to stay until I met my wife Laura, and things changed. After I started working here in kitchens, I realized that all Middle Eastern restaurants here make the same dishes (babaganoush, falafel etc..) and saw an opportunity to bring a new point of view of what Middle Eastern food is. 

What are your three favorite dishes to get out in the city?

The mussels dish at Place Des Fetes, birria taco and a birria soup from the food truck outside my house (Taco Lupita 2), stir fried eel at Wu’s Wonton King.

Was there a specific meal that you had last year that stands out? Atomix, went there last year after a long break from fine dining in NYC and had a beautiful, thoughtful meal and a non-alcoholic pairing that I couldn’t recommend enough.

Are there any NYC restaurant openings that you're excited about or have been on your list to try? Sushi Noz always looks really good and have been wanting to go check out, also Libertine that opened by Max Mackinnon looks exciting and is on the top of the list. 

What's next for you? What exciting new pop-ups can we look forward to? We will as always have more pop ups in the spring when the market has more to offer. Still looking for the perfect spot for a restaurant and working on opening a new wine bar


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