Bed Stuy, Brooklyn

Sarah Nsikak
March 29, 2024

Bed Stuy is one of Brooklyn’s biggest neighborhoods – from the brownstone-lined ways of Willoughby Street to the pockets of sunshine in Herbert Von King Park. We tapped Bed Stuy local and one of our favorite artists, Sarah Nsikak of La Réunion to put together a list of her favorite spots in the place she calls home.


Trad Room

Delicious Japanese food with a beautiful and cozy interior. The decor is an eclectic collection of vintage pieces on display with the perfect lighting.


New to the neighborhood, and an absolute delight. Very creative and beautiful rotating menu that keeps each visit exciting, paired with a traditional coffee menu that does the classic very well.

Nana Ramen

Cash only, but we love a spot that does ramen well and the delicious sake is an added bonus. 

Rita and Maria

A lovely neighborhood cafe that really cares about its customers. They make special pastries that offer a bit more of a pick me up than the usual, and it's hard not to sit for a while in their inviting atmosphere.


Saraghina is a cut above the rest in the baked goods category. Best baguettes you'll find in the neighborhood. They also have a wonderful restaurant with a delicious breakfast menu on weekends. I've been going here for the better part of a decade and it's been consistent.

Doctor's Cave Cafe

This place flies under the radar, a hidden neighborhood spot that mostly regulars in the area know about. They offer fresh food with an emphasis on nutrition which we could all use a little more of.

Department of Culture

A must try in Bed Stuy. They do Nigerian food like no one else (and this is coming from a Nigerian). A tasting menu making traditional dishes I grew up with into art. The experience is intimate and personal, like you're in the home of the chef being served one delight after the next.


As someone from the "south" I have to say delicious burritos are hard to come by in NYC. Ursula is doing burritos justice!


I always try something new from their hot bar and I feel they are great for a quick lunch or dinner to go option. Love the specialty grocery component too.

Maya Congee

This place is so great and also has a little grocery aspect that makes me feel empowered to cook something out of my norm. I find it hard to leave without a new spice to try.

Winfield’s Diner

Another inviting spot, owned by natives to Bed Stuy. A diner menu that really hits the spot on a rainy day. Low cost, no frills, kitschy decor, just how we like our diners.


Maxwell Gift & Grocery

A very thoughtful gift store that has a very friendly and helpful staff.

Sincerely, Tommy

A c‍ute clothing store with a minimal and modern interior, also the lovely Prima just opened its second cafe location inside.

dear friend books

L‍ovely curation of vintage books and current publications. They also offer a special selection of seasonal food and drinks.

Black Star Vinyl

Perfect gift stop for the music lovers in your life, with a great cafe which seems to be a theme in Bed Stuy!


Frog Wine Bar

Delicious natural wines, pool table, large outdoor space, etc! I love their little food offering and the well done interior makes it easy to become a regular here.


I really love a well done cocktail and this place does it with a side of live jazz and a great food menu!

Passionfruit Coffee

We've talked about many cafes, but I think this place might be the best in Bed Stuy. I drink espresso every day, and I find Passionfruit to be the most consistently delicious. It's also owned by a highly skilled pastry chef who makes the pastries himself. It's new to the neighborhood and already a classic for me.


Lady Moo Moo

Very good ice cream, every flavor you could ever want!

Le Petit Monstre

Tiny little pastry shop making delicious vegan pastries which feels almost like an oxymoron.


Herbert Von King Park

A landmark in Bed Stuy and a park I've been going to for many years. I've had some major memories here, and other locals can say the same. In the summer months it really comes alive and its outdoor amphitheater is used for free concerts and kid friendly events. A true pillar of the neighborhood.


One of the best pilates classes I've taken, and it's in a cozy brownstone. Warm and friendly instructors that really know what they're talking about. I don't do pilates often so I can say this place is great for all levels.



Sarah Nsikak is a Nigerian-American living in Brooklyn, New York. Her love of textiles led her to working in the fashion industry for several years after completing a Masters Degree in Art Therapy. The exorbitant amount of waste generated in the fashion industry inspired a re-routing back to her art practice, La Réunion.