Chinatown Food Crawl

Ally Tuzzo
March 3, 2023

This guide will seamlessly lead you through the bustling streets of Manhattan’s Chinatown to try the best dishes from hidden gems. Make sure to hit the ATM first because most places only take cash, and come hungry because there is no doubt you will end the day feeling stuffed.

Mei La Wah

62 Bayard St

FOR: Pineapple pork buns that are guaranteed to be one of the best things you’ve ever tasted. Most definately a fan favorite you might want to get two. Eat them on the go as you walk to the next stop.

Xian Famous Foods

45 Bayard St

‍FOR: Hand-pulled lamb noodles that keep you going back for more. Buy a drink to cut the spice, and take some time to digest here while there is seating.

Super Taste

26 Eldridge St

FOR: Pork and Chive Dumplings at a narrow hole-in-the-wall dumpling spot. A bite-sized dish is perfect for this spot with limited seating. Make sure to get the chili oil.

Shu Jiao Fu Zhou

295 Grand St

FOR: Peanut butter noodles that are deceptively delicious. You might be full at this point but these are too easy to finish.

Joe’s Steam Rice Roll

265 Canal St

FOR: Shrimp Rice Rolls that end the food tour at a Canal Street market to round out the day. Order at the Kiosk and shop around as you wait. As you can see they were so good that we ate most before remembering to take a picture.

Kom King Bakery

90 E. Broadway

StFOR: A Chinese pastry if you are still looking for a little extra treat. Try the Japanese style cheese bun.

Royal Seafood Co.

103 Mott St

FOR: A Dim Sum feast with complimentary tea at this bustling spot. I recommend sesame chicken, shrimp dumplings, mushroom and eggplant, mushroom noodles, and sweet and sour chicken. Every single thing was so delicious I couldn’t choose a favorite dish. Plus it is BYOB…

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

65 Bayard St

FOR: A scoop of homemade ice cream to end the day. From lychee to black sesame to red bean, there is something new for everyone to try. A great dessert spot for those that love bold flavors.



Ally Tuzzo is a native New Yorker who is constantly inspired by the blend of cultures that exist on each street corner and keen on finding unique experiences. Beyond eating her way through New York City, she is a music, art and fashion lover, often attending concerts, exploring art galleries and sifting through thrift stores.