Chinatown, Manhattan

Coolstuff Team
November 6, 2020

It’s no secret that Chinatown is one of our favorite neighborhoods in the city - and there’s never been a better time to support it! The collection of small, family-run businesses offer a glimmer of old New York — one before Sweetgreen’s and Starbucks lined the corners. We’ve collected all the places in Chinatown we love to eat, drink, shop, and more

Great NY Noodletown

For amazing Chinese Sausage fried rice, bbq pork, and piping hot jasmine tea. PS Bring a bottle of natural wine to enjoy with your meal.

Deluxe Green Bo

For a the best soup dumplings in NYC and the sleeper hit — garlicky eggplant.

Wu’s Wonton

For sharing Chinese classics on a lazy suzan with large groups of friends.

Manero’s Pizza

For Chinatown’s best slice and a snack while you browse the open-air fruit stands.

Oliver Coffee

For expertly brewed Variety Coffee served from an Oliver St. window.


For cocktails made for you without a menu

Hong Kong Supermarket

For Black Vinegar and Royal Milk Tea.

Da Hing Florist

For an extensive (and affordable) collection of houseplants

Magic Jewelry

For aura photographs on your birthday. (Anna B does this every year)