Murray Hill, Queens

Teddy Kim
October 20, 2023

Not to be confused with Murray Hill, Manhattan, this is a neighborhood in Queens beyond the No. 7 line which used to be home to many Irish and Italian immigrants and is now to many Korean, Chinese and other Asian families. This guide will lead you through a tour of some classic Korean spots in Queens, mainly in Murray Hill and going down east on Northern Boulevard through Auburndale and Bayside.

Kum Sung BBQ

The few blocks surrounding the Murray Hill LIRR Station is dubbed “Food Alley” (먹자골목) by the Korean residents and offer an abundance of authentic Korean cuisines, cafes, supermarkets and businesses. Kum Sung BBQ is one of these spots. In addition to typical KBBQ fare, this restaurant is known for their amazing sliced duck barbeque (to die for), "Grandpa's Kimchi Bulgogi" and Korean cold noodles. I would gatekeep this spot but I love G+A too much.

JeunJu Korean Restaurant

Another spot around the corner is Jeunju Korean Restaurant. They serve traditional, authentic Korean food offerings but are famous for their kal gook soo (knife-cut  noodle soup) and soojebi (hand torn noodle soup). Those who are more daring can try deul ggae kal gook soo, which contains perilla seeds that adds a layer of rich, nutty, earthy flavor.

Geo Si Gi Gamjatang

Featured on late Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown episode of Queens (S9E4), this restaurant specializes in gamjatang, a spicy pork bone soup with potatoes that always manages to deliver. A meal best enjoyed shared, don't forget to order rice or noodles to add to the remaining broth for the complete experience.


This place literally has only one item on the menu: beef & cabbage soup with rice. Okay, fine, you do get the option of choosing spicy or regular, and the meal of course comes with a few side dishes. Bring cash and enjoy this hearty dish that will warm your body and soul.

Joong Koog Jip

Further down Northern Blouevard you will find Joong Koog Jip, which serves Korean Chinese cuisine. Koreans often keep tabs on chefs at various Korean Chinese restaurants and gossip/moan about the calamitous changes wrought to the quality and taste of jjajangmyun (black bean noodles) and jjamppong (spicy seafood noodles) when chefs change jobs. Dramatic, I know, but we're that serious about this stuff! I don't want to play favorites so I'm choosing this spot because G and I shared our Thanksgiving meal here a few years back. If I was in charge of ordering, I'd order those two dishes, some tangsuyuk (a must), garlic shrimp (family favorite) and seafood nurungi tang (personal favorite).

Rolly Kimbap

This place specializes in kimbap, with over 40 different types on the menu along with other dishes representative of bunsik (inexpensive/cheap meals) such as tteokbokki or fried rice. My family often orders a few rolls to go for our road trips or even to eat on our plane rides. I'd recommend spicy squid kimbap and pork cutlet kimbap.

Cafe Auburndale

Between all the food, stop by Cafe Auburndale to get some coffee and try some desserts such as waffles, croffles (croissant + waffle), and bingsoo (shaved ice).

Hansol Food

A typical Korean meal has many side dishes called banchan. However, on days when you just can't, head over to Hansol Food (multiple locations) to pickup everything from kimchi and japchae to tteok (rice cakes) and jeons (fritters). There are so many options it may be a bit overwhelming at first but browse around and pickup some delicious and quality foods.

Han Kook Meat Market

Korean people are very picky with our groceries so all I have to say is that this is our family's go-to spot for high-quality, fresh cuts of meat to make everything from galbi (korean short rib bbq) to jangjorim (soy braised beef).

Morning Glory

Morning Glory is a leading stationery brand in Korea with an outpost in Flushing. Stop by for some quality stationary, notebooks and pens along with many cute decors and plushies and your middle/high-school self will thank you.

And that was my Korean guide to Murray Hill, Queens...

But to be honest, many of us will just call the whole area Flushing/Bayside. Some other spots you can check out are To Soc Chon for some great traditional fare,Hahm Ji Bach, Han Joo and Mapo for KBBQ, Yetnal Tongdak for some classic Korean fried chicken joint) and Paris Baguette (I know, I know). Don't forget to drop by an H Mart for your groceries and snacks.



Hey I'm Teddy, long-time friends with your coolstuff hosts. This is my guest edition guide to Murray Hill, Queens.