Stockholm, Sweden

Coolstuff Team
June 21, 2024

As far as major European cities go, Stockholm is about as north as it gets – and that distance really shapes a unique perspective making this city a must-visit. This Nordic metropolis is much more than Abba, Ikea, and herring – and we’re excited to take you on our tour of Sweden’s capital. 


Story Hotel Riddargatan Stockholm

Located in the bustling Östermalm neighborhood, the Story Hotel Riddargatan is on a quieter street that’s just a stone’s throw from a lot of the action (we’re talking about some of the best shopping in Stockholm.) We loved the room's moody but modern design and took every chance we could get to use the original elevator in this historic building. If you’re like us and enjoy a drink or a meal at a great hotel, Story also has the wonderful Ling Ling and a top-tier bar – though our favorite meal was candle-lit continental Swedish Breakfast included in the stay.


Stora Bageriet

Hands down the best cardamom bun we have ever had – just had to start there before saying anything else. This wonderful bakery (located inside the Performing Arts Museum) was recommended to us by Atlanta-based artist Tayler Ayers who has spent a good deal of time in Stockholm.

Café Svenskt Tenn

If you’re into interiors, chances are you already know about Svenskt Tenn, the century-old Swedish shop best-known for its Josef Frank textiles and finely crafted furniture. For us, though, the cafe tucked away in the back corner of the sprawling showroom is worth the visit alone. Enjoy a roast beef-topped toast or a nourishing broth served up in the same fine china and silver on display throughout the store.

Restaurang Pelikan

When we’re in a country that’s new to us, we like to seek out a classic restaurant known for traditional food. Restaurang Pelikan is kind of like the Balthazar of Stockholm in terms of its sprawling layout. We absolutely loved the Swedish meatballs served alongside tart lingonberries and fresh pickles. If you visit, don’t skip a serving of the traditional tipple: Aquavit served straight after being chilled on a bed of crushed ice.


Not only does Portal have some of the best food in Stockholm, but if you’re lucky enough to sit upstairs, you also get one of its famous city views overlooking a “portal” to the quaint streets of the trendy Vasastan neighborhood below. Don’t skip the schnitzel!!

Östermalms Food Hall

Great travelers like the late Tony Bourdain always recommend visiting a market when you’re in a new place and Östermalms Food Hall is no exception. Started in the late 1800’s, this market is full of high quality stalls ranging from produce to seafood and even a few small cafes and restaurants. 

Bar Agrikultur

Perhaps our favorite bites from our time in Stockholm came from this spot – a tiny 15 seat gin-focused bar. Don’t be fooled by the scale or the focus though, Bar Agrikultur has a Michelin Bib Gourmand (the “good value” rating) and serves absolutely ingenious snacks. Some of our favorites were the yogurt and honey-topped cucumbers as well as the potato sticks absolutely piled high with herbs and sauce. Even if just for a drink, this place is a must stop in Stockholm.


Tyge & Sessil

Natural wine lovers rejoice! Tyge & Sessil is a totally unpretentious and fun wine bar in a beautifully lit space – from the dripping candles to the light streaming through giant windows. We loved stopping in for a casual glass or two before dinner and relaxing after a long day of galavanting across town.

Pascal Kaffebar

Our favorite coffee in Stockholm came from this chic spot in Östermalm. A perfect blend of new and old plus a perfect execution of a cortado! If it’s a nice day grab a bench outside and sip your bevvy alongside some of the coolest dressed people in the city.

Cafe Krans 

Look, sometimes you need a respite in a touristy neighborhood. Walking across the island of Gamla Stan and needing caffeine was looking rough for a few moments before we stumbled into Cafe Krans. While not the best coffee we’ve ever had, this place is list-worthy for the relaxed vibes alone. Take a load off.


Svenskt Tenn

We already talked about Svenskt Tenn a little bit in our eat section, but it deserves a second mention for the shopping. The best way to describe this place is like a Swedish Bergdorf’s but for interiors. If you have extra room in your suitcase (and extra money in your bank account) snag a few pillows and lampshades covered in Josef Frank fabric. 

Pen Store

Real ones will remember Orchard Street’s CW Pencil Enterprise (RIP) but regardless of if that’s you, Pen Store is really really cool. The name says it all, but don’t worry, there are plenty of pencils, notebooks, and other high-quality writing supplies to shop.

Broadway & Sons

This internationally renowned vintage store is known for its stellar pulls of American vintage - ranging across workwear, military pieces, and the perfect vintage Levis. One cool thing about Broadway & Sons is that they have a large selection of deadstock pieces – essentially vintage that has never been worn.

Nitty Gritty

In Europe the multi-brand store still thrives and Nitty Gritty is an absolutely perfect example of when talented buyers and merchandisers make a great place to shop. Come here for mens and womens and expect to find brands you likely won’t see in many other places across.

A la carte Antik

The cutest little antique shop in Stockholm also happens to be extremely well-priced. This was perhaps one of our biggest hauls of the trip thanks to the large selection of small trinkets and treasures sized perfectly for stuffing into our over-full carry-on baggage.

blås & knåda

Focused on glassware, this gallery is secretly HUGE and has pieces that are great for daily use as well as ones that are more in the *ahem* “fine art” price range. In any case, it’s a wonderful start to the many galleries lining Hornsgatan.


This home decor shop is a place where you could truly furnish an entire apartment. From unique new pieces like candy-striped murano glass lighting to vintage and antique furniture, Brandstationen makes us wish we had a Stockholm pied-a-terre to decorate.


Look, ignore the first sentence of the article and still go to IKEA. Sure you’ll find a lot of the same pieces you’d see in Red Hook Brooklyn, but there’s just something fun about navigating your way through a Swedish shopping mall to this relatively micro IKEA and buying nothing but meatballs and soft serve ice cream.


While technically Finnish, we’re still in the Nordic zone here, and shopping Marimekko’s classic, colorful designs are a great way to ward off cold gray days if you decide to visit in the cooler months of the year.

Hötorgets loppmarknad

If you’re in town on a Sunday, this decades-old flea market is a must visit. In a sprawling public square vendors sell just about anything that could be loved again – from records to teacups to vintage clothing. Bring cash and be ready to make a deal! 

Herr Judit

This menswear-focused vintage store is truly a vibe. The jazz will be bumping and there are pieces to find whether your style leans streetwear or wall street. G had to let go of an amazing hand-tailored Saman Amel blazer being sold for only $200 (when retail was $7,500.) If you’re a 38 there’s a chance it may still be on the racks…

Judits Second Hand

Herr Judit’s sister down the street offers clothing for women and does a super fun job merchandising the showroom by color. This place is so nice it took us a second to realize that none of the clothes were new – and that’s exactly how shopping sustainably can feel in the right space!

Acne Archive 

Think of the trip this way: you can either wait 8 hours on line for an Acne sample sale only to have to strip down in front of a bunch of strangers OR you can take an 8 hour flight to Stockholm where Acne’s Archive store offers pieces at sale prices 7-days per week. The more you know!

Swedish Hasbeens

While wooden clogs are Dutch, Hasbeens are 100% Swedish. These are the cool leather ones that were unavoidable in Brooklyn between 2016–2019 (thanks, Bird.) Maybe they’re poised for a comeback? Anyway, it’s always fun to shop in the place where something is made.


Just this year, the Swedish-designed, Spanish-made shoe brand, Morjas opened a showroom in Östermalm that is truly stunning. From the veiny-pink marble running through the space to the cute espresso bar in the back, this shop is full of inspiration.


Train Station Murals

Public art is key to any great city and Stockholm took the assignment seriously. Throughout its clean and reliable subway system lies absolutely amazing art. The installations range from murals to full-on decor and include some that are only there for a short period of time to keep things fresh and fun. Our favorites were located in T Centralen and Kungsträdgården – both very central! 

The Hallwyl Museum

This museum is a quick and fun trip back to the gilded age of Sweden. Located within a historic house, the Hallwyl Museum mixes the legacy pieces of the property with shows and installations from current artists.


Before there was one in Manhattan, there was a Fotografiska in Stockholm and reader – it hits just a little harder than the one in New York. Located right on the water, this photography museum is a great way to spend the afternoon and is easily conquered in just an hour or two. 

Train to/from Copenhagen

One of the most scenic journeys we’ve ever taken was the 5-hour high-speed train ride between Copenhagen and Stockholm. It was such a peaceful journey with just one short layover in the immaculate train station of Malmö. No matter which direction you might be connecting, this is such a wonderful alternative to flying such a short distance. We recommend stocking up on Swedish gummies and settling in as beautiful Nordic natures pass you by at high speed.