West Village, Manhattan

Coolstuff Team
April 4, 2023

The West Village, every local’s favorite place to be a tourist. This neighborhood has a rich history filled with jazz, literature, and Gay Liberation — a creative streak runs decidedly through the streets to this day. Read on for our favorite spots to hang, sip, and eat in the West Village

Joe’s Pizza

For the fresh mozzarella slice...better than a plain with even thinner crust!


For natural wine, old bay tots, and Bar Sardine’s Burger (rip)

Waverly Diner

For classic diner fare. One time G accidentally ordered fries with breakfast and it was gr8

Bar Pisellino

For a negroni sbagliato &&& a martini with a sidecar on ice...also do NOT sleep on the semi freddo!


For a temple to the negroni. The original location is in the village closer to Washington Square Park, and their new West Village location is very close to Christopher St pier.

Three Lives Books

For new titles from authors who probably live around the corner


For fresh flowers AND a great cup of coffee

J. Mueser

For classic menswear and a stylish staff

Bigelow Pharmacy

For fancy toothpaste (we <3 Marvis) and some nice lotion

Stonewall Inn

For a drink in the site of the Stonewall riots — the beginning of the Gay Liberation movement.


For instrumental Jazz and a cheap house wine