Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Coolstuff Team
August 25, 2023

You might be thinking, “wow, nearly four years and still no guide to Williamsburg?” Well, we’ve been thinking the same too, and after spending the past weekend living in Williamsburg thanks to our friends at the Moxy Hotel, we were finally ready to put pen to paper. You could look at this as a staycation guide, a weekend to-do list, or a highlight of the hits! Without further ado: the coolstuff guide to Williamsburg, Brooklyn!


Our home base in Williamsburg this past weekend was the new Moxy Williamsburg on Bedford Ave. There’s something about being right in the heart of the neighborhood that makes staying at the Moxy feel like you really live there. We loved the plush bed and modern room a lot… and we loved the fun vibe and lobby arcade game (possibly) even more!

Moxy Williamsburg

Bar Bedford

Another reason the Moxy helps you feel like you’re a part of the neighborhood is that people who live in Williamsburg actually hang out there. Everyone enjoying a rooftop apertivo at Lillistar was clearly a local and while having a fantastic Israeli dinner at Mesiba, we ran into a handful of friends - including ones we had dinner plans with the following evening! 



Clockwise from left:

Room at the Moxy Williamsburg, Bar Bedford, Lillistar, Mesiba


We’ve (publicly (on this website) critiqued Williamsburg in the past for, at times, feeling a bit like a mall. BUT that’s unfair to the many amazing independent shops in the neighborhood. Let’s set the record straight with six great stores you need to check out as soon as possible.


Seven Wonders Collective



Chelsea Garden Center


Clockwise from left: Beam, Mociun, Seven Wonders Collective, Lief


Williamsburg, like much of Brooklyn, is a great coffee shop neighborhood. Whether you’re lingering over a cup in the backyard of Homecoming or taking a cup to-go from Buddies before going skating, there’s a coffee waiting for you in Williamsburg. Here are our favorites:


Buddies Coffee



Clockwise from left: Homecoming, Devoción, Bakeri, Buddies


A benefit of having a young-leaning neighborhood demographic is just how many casual and affordable places there are to grab lunch. Seriously, we could do an entire guide on just where to eat a midday meal in Williamsburg. But for now, here are a few we keep coming back to:

Super Burrito


Martha’s Country Bakery


Clockwise from left: Super Burrito, Gertie, Martha's Country Bakery, Depanneur


Williamsburg has strong Italian roots (as well as Boricua, Jewish, and Irish) so it’s no surprise it has some of the best slices in the city. We love sitting down for dinner at Leo’s or just keeping it casual by grabbing a slice to go from Fini.

L’Industrie Pizza


Ace’s Pizza

Fini Pizza

Best Pizza

Clockwise from left: Leo, L'Industrie, Fini, Ace's


While the phrase, “dinner in Williamsburg,” might make you shudder and think of an 8-person dinner where splitting the check was…confusing, let us reassure you that Williamsburg has many fantastic places for a date or dinner for a small group. All more formal than the great slices listed above, some of these places are downright celebratory (hello Michelin-starred Four Horsemen.) So get out your reservation app, because these spots book up quickly.

Brooklyn Winery


The Four Horsemen

Maison Premiere

Clockwise from left: Maison Premiere, Brooklyn Winery, The Four Horsemen, Diner


What could be a more classic pairing than drinks in wburg with friends? Some of our favorite bars in Brooklyn are here in this neighborhood, like Hotel Delmano, and we keep returning time & time again. If you’re into having live music alongside your bevvys, try St. Mazie or Lot Radio. 

The Lot Radio



EBBS Brewing

Hotel Delmano

St. Mazie

Clockwise from left: Layla, EBBS, St. Mazie, Sauced


For all the commercial to-dos in Williamsburg, it’s easy to forget that its outdoor spaces are some of the most widely utilized in the city (raise your hand if you’ve been to a birthday party in McCarren Park.) So think of this closing note as a little reminder to take a break and enjoy the city air while you’re enjoying the best of what the neighborhood has to offer.

McCarren Park Greenmarket

Domino Park

Left: Domino Park, Right: McCarren Park Greenmarket