Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn

Jess Focht
May 3, 2024

Step into Windsor Terrace, a hidden gem of a neighborhood with a sweet charm. Community and authenticity are at the forefront of this quaint Brooklyn spot.


Krupa Grocery

A unique restaurant with the best vibe, and I’m partial to their brunch. When I don’t have time to sit down for their breakfast gnocchi, I get their breakfast sandwich and a coffee to-go. (Pro tip: they also have the best coffee on the block.) 

Le Paddock 

The coziest French restaurant. Their French Onion Soup and Moules Marinières are to die for.

Terrace Bagels 

Arguably the best bagels in the city. When I fly home, my mom asks me to pack them in my suitcase. 


A new Syrian and Korean hybrid spot owned by a family who used to run a local Korean grocery. I never imagined Syrian and Korean food blending well, but it’s delicious. 

Dog Day Afternoon

Named after the Al Pacino bank heist movie shot on the same block. An easygoing counter-serve specializing in Chicago-style hot dogs & they also offer vegan options.


True Love Always

A gift shop that’s my version of heaven. The store is full of records, art, candles, vintage clothes, and the most quirky but perfect knick-knacks imaginable.  

Windsor Place Antiques

I could spend hours flipping through the preserved antiques in this store: vintage lockets, magazine ads meant to be framed, old maps, and more. They also sell gorgeous, healthy potted plants. 

Terrace Books

Book nerds like me feel so lucky to have a local bookshop. Terrace Books is a cute sister store to Community Bookstore in Park Slope. 

Sam’s Deli & Grocery

My local bodega that’s the heart of the neighborhood. Sam, the owner, treats his customers like family and will put a smile on your face the second you walk in. 


The Double Windsor 

My favorite spot for the ~6 years I’ve lived in this neighborhood—to go and catch up with friends, go on a date, or just sit and read with a book. Mostly known for their expansive beer list, they also have stellar pub food. 

209 Station

Another cozy spot with an expansive beer selection. And they sell beer on tap…to-go. 


Go for a frozen hibiscus margarita on a hot summer day.


Uncle Louie G’s 

Speaking of hot summer day… this ice cream spot is where you’ll want to be. Offering ice cream (soft serve and traditional with tons of flavors) and Italian Ice, it’s also my dog’s favorite spot. Pup cups are encouraged and free!

Regina Bakery 

Known for their 7-layer Italian cookies and cannolis <3 



Our local indie movie theater—and my favorite place in the world. Offering tableside food & bev service during your movie, they are also a community-forward theatre with numerous curated events. 

Prospect Park

Prospect Park needs no introduction, but one of the best things about living in Windsor Terrace is being just steps away from it. 

Greenwood Cemetery

Windsor Terrace is sandwiched between Prospect Park and Greenwood Cemetary: two delightful, peaceful green spaces. Don’t miss out on a serene walk through this historic landmark…and see if you can spot any green parakeets. 


I always leave YogaSole feeling zen as hell. Attending at least one of Lisa Jill Anderson’s classes per week is part of my self-care routine. 



Jess Focht is a writer, photographer, and social media strategist based in Brooklyn. She recently started NYC Novels Club, a book club dedicated to fiction set in New York City. You can probably find her at a local indie concert, snapping film photos, or walking her pug Hamlet in Prospect Park.