Chinatown's Best Art Galleries

Camille Nguyen
July 7, 2023

Summer’s here, which means a lot of great gallery exhibitions! Whether you’re looking for something to do after grabbing a bite in Chinatown or you’re looking for some creative inspiration, this guide is here to help!

Chinatown Soup

For: A variety of art, including painting, sculpture, photography, and video. Check out current showings here.

Image source: Chinatown Soup instagram

Miguel Abreu Gallery

For: Contemporary work that explores themes of identity, sexuality, and the body. Currently on view is Pamela Rosenkranz’s Liquid Mimesis until July 14.

Image source: Miguel Abreu Gallery instagram

Hashimoto Contemporary

For: East Asian contemporary art. Soon to be on view is a group show, LUSH, curated by Jennifer Rizzo (July 15 – August 5)

Image source: Hashimoto Contemporary instagram

bitforms gallery

For: Digital art, including video, animation, and interactive installations. Currently showing is Sarah Rothberg’s Superprompt (until July 22).

Image source: bitforms instagram

Tara Downs

For: Contemporary art, with a focus on emerging artists. Check out Plastic Stars, a group exhibition featuring an international set of female-identifying artists (until July 28). 

Image source: Tara Downs Gallery instagram


For: A wide range of contemporary art, including painting, sculpture, photography, and video. Visit the gallery and take a look at Trevon Latin’s TOYMAKER: Big blu & The Weeping walls!!, which features multi-textural pieces like sequined cloth, quilted fabrics, canvas, found objects, beads, and barrettes (until July 28).

Image source: Perrotin

Harman Projects

For: Work that explores social and political themes. Coming up is their 16 X 20: SUMMER GROUP SHOW, a group exhibition of artists all working on 16" x 20" surfaces (July 8-29).

Image source: Harman Projects instagram

Rachel Uffner Gallery

For: A variety of contemporary art, with a focus on emerging and mid-career artists. Upcoming shows are Lushness (July 13 - August 18) and Susan Chen’s Purell Night & Day (July 13- August 18). 

Image source: Rachel Uffner Gallery instagram

Derek Eller Gallery

For: Work from emerging artists and championing historically significant but under-recognized  communities. Later this summer they will be showing Joseph Oliksaemeka Wilson’s Wali's Farm (July 6 - August 25). 

Image source: Derek Eller Gallery instagram

Foxy Production

For: Pieces from a diverse group of artists working in a variety of media, including painting, sculpture, photography, video, and installation. Make sure you stop by for their upcoming Summer Show (July 7 - August 25).

Image source: Foxy Production instagram



Camille is a multidisciplinary writer and serial hobbyist with a love of painting, knitting, and cooking. She is currently based in Brooklyn, where she lives with her husband and their “scruffy little dude”, Maxxie.